The handicrafts sector is one of the largest employment generators and accounts for a significant share in the country’s exports. EcoKargha has a team of experts who have extensive experience of working with weavers and artisans across India specially tusser silk, bamboo, fabrics etc. The team has practical experience on challenges faced by the handicraft sector like high raw material cost, slow process, difference between a machine-made and hand-made product, migration of second generation in non-artisanal work, credit, market linkages etc. EcoKargha team of experts have experience of resolving such issues in their jobs. They have access to big brands as well as access to artisans in clusters also. The team brings its expertise in product development, strategy development, market linkages, credit linkages etc. The team can support the companies interested in sourcing authentic handmade products across India. There must be institutional and sustainable mechanism for handloom weavers to keep abreast with newer innovative designs and diversification on an extensive scale.

What we can offer:

EcoKargha through its team of experts can enable and provide insights to the organizations/institutions/companies in crafts and allied sectors and/or to those interested in working in agriculture sector through the following services:

  1. Strategy development
  2. Market research
  3. Product development
  4. Value chain analysis
  5. Project design
  6. Project management
  7. Cluster development services
  8. Feasibility Studies
  9. DPR Development
  10. Handicraft products sourcing for private sector
  11. Market linkages for artisans