EcoKargha has a team of experts which has worked extensively in education sector. They have worked on challenges like enrollment of children in primary schools, quality of education, girl child enrollment, drop outs, education assessment system, teacher training and development, regulations, right to education, capacity building of government staff, strengthening government education systems etc. The team is well equipped to support institutions working in the field of education on right to education related issues, advice on transformative and innovative approaches in Higher education, gross enrollment ratio, reducing gender based and social disparity in education, improving teacher quality etc.

EcoKargha team with its set of experts can provide technical expertise, assist and support in rolling out the future initiatives and plan related improving the education system in India.

What we can offer:

EcoKargha can provide a wide range of services in education sector through its team of experienced experts in the sector. The services offered are in the areas of:

  1. Organizational Development
  2. Project Management
  3. Curriculum Development
  4. Training of Teachers
  5. Research, monitoring & Evaluation
  6. New Project Design
  7. Implementation Support
  8. Capacity building workshops