EcoKargha has a team of experts who have worked extensively on issues related to enormous skills gap that exist between what industries demand based on the rapid economic growth and the skills that young people acquire through education and training. The team of experts throughout their career have worked on understanding this demand-supply gap , improving awareness of such skill gaps and bridging those gaps. The experts have worked on challenges like inadequate infrastructure, minimal industry interface, low student mobilization, direct admission without assessment, lack of standardization, skills relevance to market, career counseling, high cost of vocational trainings etc. which are seen has a barrier in promoting skill development.

The team of experts can advice the government institutions/multilaterlas/bilaterals/NGOs/Education companies on solutions related to such issue.

What we can offer:

EcoKargha can provide multiple services in skills development sector through is team of experienced experts in skill development sector. The services can be in

  1. Strategy Development
  2. Project Management
  3. Research, monitoring & Evaluation
  4. New Project Design
  5. Implementation Support
  6. Capacity building workshops
  7. Skill inventory mapping
  8. Job perception mapping
  9. Establishing industry interface